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NMVTIS stands for National Motor Vehicle Title Information System, NMVTIS is the sole provider for title information in the United States and VinCheck get its data by using an approved NMVTIS partner.
VinCheck data is updated on daily basis
There are many possibilities which are:
  • Incorrect VIN
  • This VIN doesn’t belong to US registered vehicle, the vehicle might be imported from other region such as Canada, Europe, Japan, etc.
  • Vehicle Alerts This section will provide a quick snapshot about current alerts (if any)
  • Vehicle Specification Detailed vehicle specifications will be listed in this section
  • Vehicle Value Current vehicle value as per NADA priding guide
  • Vehicle History and Title Info Title issues and latest odometer readings will be listed (if available)
  • Junk & Salvage Information If a vehicle is reported Junk by any junk yard then it will be reported in this section, it will indicate the date, reporting entity, disposition method and contact details.
  • Lien, Impound, and Ebay Information This section provides details about finance, impound or Ebay auctions if available.
  • Recall Information This section will highlight the latest manufacturer recalls related to the searched VIN, it will help the consumer to know if there are any safety issues that needs to be addressed in that vehicle and also get some estimates on how much the repairs will cost.
read more about understanding the VinCheck report by clicking here.
Latest mileage will be captured in Vehicle History & Title Info section before the vehicle is exported, and this will help the consumer know if the current mileage is correct or not and thus identify mileage tampering.
Latest recalls will be listed on Recall information section in VinCheck report

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